Why do Gamblers Choose Online Casinos Over Land-Based

Why do Gamblers Choose Online Casinos Over Land-Based

Online Casino vs. Land-based – Which is Better?

The reason is every online casino is a great place to relax and spend some time in the company of your favorite slots. Experienced gamblers appreciate a hassle-free gaming experience provided at the majority of online casinos. Internet gambling is relatively new while traditional land-based gambling venues are a part of our history for centuries. But with each passing year, we see a dramatic increase in the size of the audience of gambling websites. What are the reasons they win the race and attract so many new visitors?

The rapid switching to online is happening mostly because of the easiness and perfectly balanced UI/UX, the possibility to play in the go no matter where you are and 100% anonymity. Not all players want to be seen in a traditional casino because in some cases this could lead to sacrificing their reputation or ever losing their career. Who would want that? But while playing online they are 100% protected from all these downsides.

Another reason is the wide variety of different games available in each online casino. Developers are constantly introducing something new and trendy to entertain gamblers. Modern slot games deliver a seamless experience and help thousands to have fun and try their luck when stuck at home.

Free Slots in Online Casinos

Free slot machines is another great advantage of online casinos. Land-based casinos simply don’t have this option and all of their slots are “pay to play”. Thousands of people can enjoy their favorite slots in a free-to-play mode or with frequently sent bonuses and free spins. Isn’t it great when you can spend an hour or two trying the demo version of your favorite game? Yes, you won’t be able to win anything, but you will get a lot of positive emotions and could kill some time when you are bored.

Online casinos pay great attention to slot machines, which are rightfully considered the kings of the gambling industry. On most of the websites, it is easy to find classic gaming slots, video slots and many other types of slot machines. In fact, poker, blackjack and many other popular card games are always available. You can find even live dealer card games if you want to get a traditional casino experience.

Few more benefits of online casinos vs. traditional ones:

  • Online casino works 24/7 – you can play anytime and as much as you like;
  • Thousands of slots – a wide variety of slot machines, card games and roulettes for you to choose;
  • Fast withdrawals – you don’t have to wait long before you receive your winnings;
  • 100 anonymous – your data is secured and nobody will know that you are a gambler.

Then luck will always go near you no matter which casino you are practicing your skill in. But be sure to check all the rules how-to’s before you will pick the slot machine for a test.

What do Experienced Gamblers Say?

Many experienced gamblers switched from landbased casinos to Internet gambling because the Internet offers many advantages and free from censorship. If you want to play, you are free to do it except maybe if online gambling is a bit complicated in your region. But even in this case, chances are low that you would have any problems with the law. This turns opposite with offline casinos when you might have problems with authorities because of the different regulations.

But not everything about online casinos is sunshine and rainbows. When there is money, there is cheating. The online casino industry is not an exception. You can easily become a victim of a scam gambling website if you didn’t choose one of the trustworthy online casinos. If you see this website for the first time in your life–don’t trow your money into it right away. If you make a mistake with the choice of a casino, you can get to a fraud website, where you simply won’t be able to win.

How to Check if an Online Casino is Legit

Most if not all the experienced gamblers prefer trusted casinos and they know how to identify one. If you are new to gambling over the Internet, then you should learn how to identify if an online casino is legit or not. Here’s a list of things you should take a closer look before placing your first bet:

  1. Make sure this casino has a license – license means their software is legit and they won’t fool you.
  2. Test their customer support – the faster they reply the more likely they have a good service.
  3. Check deposit and withdrawal methods – the more options they have the easier it would be to withdraw your winnings.
  4. Check the restrictions – some online casinos limit withdrawals to just a few hundred per week so it will take months to get more or less noticeable winnings.
  5. Find some reviews – each online casino was already tested by someone else and if they had a bad experience, chances are that they shared their stories over the Internet.

Be sure to do this quick check each time you want to test and new online casino you never played before. Also, visit one of the well-known Gambling portals and look for this casino profile. It should have a positive reputation and backed with hundreds of real gamblers’ reviews. Proceed to the Disputes tab and check how this casino treats unhappy customers.

Don’t place your bets and fill your personal sensitive data on the websites you are not 100% trust.

Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments…

Tournaments are an essential part of every reputable online casino. They help gamblers feel the spirit of competition. Do you think you are good at poker? Showcase your skills and win great prizes. This is a great opportunity to gain new experience and improve your skills. You will become a professional player by playing with professionals. No pain, no gain.

It is a good sign when the casino frequently hosts various tournaments. Only those with good marketing and well-developed platform can do that. Take a look at the history of the past tournaments and make sure it is not a marketing trick. Test this gambling website for a few days and make sure it is legit before participating in a tournament because they ofter require bigger spendings.

It is always better to participate in a tournament when it is all about the game you know. Chances are low that you could win without a solid past experience in some specific card game. Some casino websites hold tournaments built around your activity. The more bets you mane, the higher your score is. That is a very nice chance for newbies to make their first steps.

What About Security?

Security is a key question. Especially when it comes to personal and financial data. Nobody wants their identity or credit card data to be stolen or compromised. Each casino should be 100% protected from hacks and data breaches. There should be an appropriate certificate proving that this casino passed the cybersecurity audit from a reputable data security company. It is the required minimum to avoid any problems in the future.

We can not identify a winner here. Bot, well-known land-based casinos as well as their online competitors have good data security solutions. But in some cases, people just don’t want to show up at a traditional casino because it can break their reputation. That is when online casinos come in hand.

Can I play online if land-based casinos are banned in my country?

That’s a tricky question. Some countries have strict laws on offline and online gambling. However, different casino brands have different policies. The best thing you can do is to check the list of online casinos accepting players from your country.

Can online casino cheat?

Our world is not perfect so there is always a chance for cheating in any part of our life. The gambling industry is not an exception. Although most of the licensed websites don’t have an option for that in their software, there is still might be a room for that in their ToS. They can slow down withdrawals or pretend you broke their ToS. That is why we advise visiting only trusted online casinos.

Can I play for free?

Yes, every online casino has many slots games. Most of them can be launched in a free mode so that you can always test every slot machine without risking your money. That’s a very nice option when you don’t want to play online casinos or real money and just want to have fun while getting back home.

Is it true that online casinos are better than traditional ones?

It is true in many cases. Casinos operating over the Internet are open 24/7, they have more slot games, all the possible card games one can imagine alongside with roulette and poker. Plus, don’t forget about the welcome bonus and free spins that no land-based casino actually offers.

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